Designs & Images 2021 PSD Art Show


About The Event

The Designs & Images art exhibition has more than a 47-year long tradition showcasing the visual arts in Poudre School District. Over the years, the exhibition and art programs have adapted and changed to reflect the current learning and standards, but because of the global pandemic, this year has been like no other. Students and teachers are facing many challenges with limited studio resources, yet the visual arts at PSD are as vibrant and valid as ever. Art teachers are incorporating new material sources and tools, re-inventing, and transforming their teaching practices to meet the needs of their students during COVID.

The Designs & Images Art Show will adapt too, so for 2020-21, we will go virtual. Rather than solely focusing on the students’ finished art products, our goal is to capture what the learning and the making of art looks like remotely and in-person during this challenging year. This show highlights the resilience, craftsmanship, and depth of thinking from our art students, the innovation and tenacity of our teachers. These images and videos exemplify why we celebrate art and why art matters.


Valencia St San Francisco, CA 900 United States

The Palace of Fine Arts 3601 Lyon St San Francisco, CA 94123 United States
Phone Number 123 0039 68886

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  • Cost $ 29,00
  • Event date
    March 17, 2021
  • Event time 10:30 am - 11:30 am
  • Location United States
  • Organiser Savanna Walker
  • Total Slot 50
  • Booked Slot 0

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