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History of NFONAP

NFONAP was founded by Doctor Wemba Valery in November 2019. The institute started with the school of education; grade one teacher training college, HND, and degree registering about 105 students and just one student in the school of management for the degree program. At its beginning, NFONAP had its interim coordinator Mr Abraham Fuashaale who served fully in the absence of the director. NFONAP started its lectures at the Dumasi Bilingual Nursery and Primary School, situated in the neighbourhood of Flamenco in Yaounde. Lectures were held only on weekends. Five months later, the director and his representative obtained another campus in the neighbourhood of Madagascar, with three lecture halls and campus offices.
NFONAP as a baby institution has been working in collaboration with FONAB polythechnic Bamenda and the University of Bamenda. NFONAP had its first-ever defense on Saturday 20th June 2020 by the HND students and then the degree on the 15th of July 2020.

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NHIEPS has a mission to demystify the barriers to higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of all Cameroonians irrespective of financial status, age, sex, ethnicity and religion; and to instil practical skills that will give students an edge or competitive advantage in the world of job creators through a multitude of teaching methods, variation of teaching aids and hands-on training with partnering organisations for hands-on training.As such, the vision will be to dominate the higher education section in terms of the production of qualified graduates